Ok we all want those big, muscular, manly arms which establishes the sense that “hey if you don’t wanna get your ass kicked, stay away”.

But most of us think that bigger arms means bigger biceps and just try to massively pump those two biceps of ours but the thing is the arm is mostly consisted of triceps so in order to get bigger arms you need to work those triceps of yours.

Now triceps has three-parts or more accurately three heads

1. the long head 2. the lateral head 3. the medial head


the exercises like skull-crusher and triceps kick-backs solely works the long head; where as exercises like cross body dumbbell extension and standing cable cross body extension works the lateral head. Now there is no workout to isolate the medial head so performing exercises which works all the 3 heads will productively affect the medial head exercise like close grip bench press and dips will do the trick .

So that’s it meet for this stay tuned for further fitness related post cause believe me there’s a lot more to come.




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