Don’t just diet make it perfect to get the most benefits.

You are a obese person but wanna end it so you joined a gym, went on a abstaining diet to get rid of obesity but you weren’t able to keep it up for long , failed and gave up.

It might have been because you didn’t had a proper guidance to help you with your diet and may be you lacked determination. I’m gonna first talk about determination in journey to lose weight you need to have both patience and determination; weight loss isn’t a small and fast process rather it’s a extensively long and slow process, and if done right you will just have the perfect body you craved for.

Now the diet 

For losing weight not only the diet but the timing of your food intake is crucial according to a research the best times to eat are 

Breakfast- 7:11 am , lunch- 12:38pm , dinner- 6:14pm 

My suggestion skip the breakfast this will lead your body to a state of intermittent fasting make lunch your first meal of the day to restrain your cravings drink a lot of water like a lot..lot about 5-6 ltrs a day or more; water is a 0 cal. drink and it has been found drinking large amounts of water can actually help your body to lose weight if you’re going to gym then you can have your protein shake or a cup of milk to provide your body the post workout benefits also this will suppress your hunger for some time. 

Make sure to have at least 3 hrs of gap between your dinner and your bedtime 


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