Plan your diet easily with this simple trick. 

So you are done with being fat, you give up on your obese life and take on dieting and working out. Now in order to lose weight dieting is more crucial than exercising so having a perfect diet is important to lose weight. There are two ways to choose their diet plan perfectly 

1. Consulting a dietician ( the over priced-way )

There must be several dietician all around your city or may be even one in your gym you can just consult them and they will design a diet plan for you.

2. Calculating your bmr and then designing a diet plan according to that data ( the smart way )

bmr (basal metabolic rate) – it is the amount of calories your body will require to run through out the day. Everyone has a specific bmr of their own depending upon their height, weight and age. Here’s a link to calculate your bmr
Now in order to lose weight you need to consume less than your bmr ; suppose your bmr is 1700 cal. so you need to consume nearly 1500 cal. to lose weight and keep decreasing this calorie intake over weeks till you reach the weight you were longing for. 


Calorie = protein + carbohydrates + fats 

Try to include as many proteins as you can in your diet and just the opposite for fats .


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